Simcenter Flotherm XT

Simcenter Flotherm XT is a set of thermal analysis software that is good at dealing with the complex exterior design of electronic products. Flotherm XT can provide developers with direct import of CAD files, combined with Flotherm’s smartpart for rapid modeling. The grid uses the unique smartcell technology (immersed boundary method, Immersed Boundary), completely retains the complex design appearance of the product and faithfully presents the real physical situation, and can be applied to thermal management planning during the product development stage.

Software Features :

1. The pre-processing is Solidworks interface and has a very wide range of CAD file support.

2. Common EE Layout files can be read and the geometry can be preserved and imported into Flotherm XT for PCB modeling and simulation analysis.

3. Inherit Flotherm’s smartpart modeling features for fast modeling.

4. It can directly read Flotherm’s pdml and pack files, shortening the time for rebuilding heat flow analysis.

5. The built-in rich electronic industry database (including material parameters, electronic components, and heat dissipation modules) can shorten the time spent on analysis and pre-setting.

6. Structural orthogonal mesh with unique mesh technology (smartcell) can handle complex surface modeling with immersive boundary method.

7. The Ultra module (additional purchase) has the function of sliding cells, which can use transient simulation to analyze the situation of fan blade rotation, and the analysis results are good for reference.

8. Presenting thermal analysis results through post-processing is helpful for developers to evaluate product temperature or flow field problems.

9. Written reports can be automatically generated, including boundary condition settings and analysis result data.

10. The built-in multi-variable analysis and verification function can be used with algorithms (optional Ultra module) to assist developers in optimizing thermal design.

Flotherm XT can be used for thermal analysis verification from chip➔module➔board➔system, etc.

Application Range

  • 5G communication chip module
  • 5G Base Station
  • Automotive ADAS
  • Internet of Vehicles Edge and Computing Host
  • Car dashboard
  • LEO satellite