Founded in 2005, FEA-Opt Technology is an international R&D/consulting/CAE service and software development company. Its flagship product, SmartDO (A Smart Design Optimization System, Intelligent Design Optimization System), is a breakthrough in the traditional Revolutionary software that delivers unique computing capabilities.

SmartDO Features and Benefits

  • One-Page Setup GUI.
  • “One-button design” optimization (Fire-And-Forget Optimizer Technology).
  • More than 100 success stories.
  • Tcl/tk programming environment. The revolutionary SmartPET and PET tools allow users to embed Tcl/tk functionality in common text input files (even if third-party programs do not have any programmable functionality) in a preprocessed manner.
  • Cutting-edge and intelligent mathematical models are applicable to different fields and industries.
  • It has been used in CAE and industrial practice for a long time. Provide international-level consulting and customized services, so that the existing CAE software investment can produce substantial and quantifiable effects.
  • Platform for Digital Production Line Integration & Automation.


  • All optimization solvers have a direct global search function (Direct Global Search). It has the characteristic of forced convergence (Absolute Descent).
  • Differential gradient method (Gradient-Based Direct Global Optimization)
    • Tunneling and Hill Climbing
    • Local Optimizer with DV Normalized
    • Recursive Conjugate Feasible Direction (RCFDM)
    • Smart Dynamic Search (SMDS)
    • Applicable for differentiable problem. For both smooth problems or with noise
  • The Robust Genetic Algorithms (RGA)
    • Adaptive Penalty Function, Automatic Schema Representation, Absolute Descent
    • Automatic Population and Generation Number Calculation
    • Adaptive and Automatic Cross-Over Probability Calculation
    • Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization
    • Applicable for Binary(0/1) and Combinatory Optimization, for both differentiable and non-differentiable problems
  • There is no limit to the number of Design Variables and Constraints
  • You can use an unreasonable design (Infeasible Design) as the initial design, and SmartDO will automatically find a reasonable design (feasible design).


  • 半導體封裝,材料擬合與優化:Semi Conductor: packaging, material fitting/optimization
  • Connector, mechanical and EMI
  • System Integration & Automation
  • Nozzles & Ejectors
  • Fan and Turbine blades
  • Laminate Composite
  • Car Wheel Rim
  • Topology
  • Steel Construction
  • Light Weight Structure
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Machine Tools
  • Motor

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