Siemens Polarion

Siemens, one of the world’s leading developers of product lifecycle management (PLM) software, will add its Teamcenter® software to the Polarion portfolio, making ALM an integral part of the product development process.

In December 2015, Siemens and Polarion reached an acquisition agreement. Polarion is the first vendor to offer an enterprise solution for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with a focus on web infrastructure. Software is an integral part of the product development process in various industries, and through ALM, manufacturers can continuously integrate, verify and verify the ever-increasing software content in their products. As the market leader in ALM, Polarion leverages an open architecture to support the needs of open source development with state-of-the-art source code management technology.

With the acquisition of Polarion, Siemens will further enhance its support for the system-driven product development process. Systems-driven product development is a holistic development approach that combines systems engineering with integrated product definition in an open environment.

Polarion is a leader in the ALM market segment, with key customers in all PLM-core industries and a strong customer base in related high-growth industries as well.

Polarion ALM-Application Lifecycle Management

Integrate software planning, development, testing, and simulation processes into a system-driven product development cycle to help companies around the world achieve compliance, agility, and traceability when manufacturing highly complex products.

Features of ALM
  • Secure Collaboration: Create a secure way to collaborate and share assets through permission control and automated workflows.
  • Ensure traceability: During the development process, the integrity of information in each step of the development process can be ensured.
  • Effective reuse: Data can be reused, divided, and merged to allow serial or parallel development of projects.

Polarion QA-Testing and Quality Management

Polarion QA provides a complete quality assurance and testing solution. Design, coordinate and track all test management activities in a single collaborative QA environment.

Advantages of Polarion QA
  • Establish traceability from requirements to test verification.
  • Jump-start projects with ready-made templates.
  • Easily manage all defects, issues and improvements from a single platform.
  • Integrate seamlessly with traditional test automation tools and processes.

Polarion SssS-Cloud Based Slution

Cloud-based solution for requirements, quality, and risk management saves significant development costs and increases productivity.

Features of SaaS
  • Minimal upfront capital investment.
  • Low monthly fee, including technical support.
  • Enterprise-class performance.

Polarion REQUIREMENTS - A comprehensive demand management solution

Polarion REQUIREMENTS provides the ability to efficiently collect, author, approve and manage responsible system requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

The purpose is to enable efficient, transparent and secure collaboration, giving teams the option to work in a familiar environment.

Advantages of Polarion REQUIREMENTS
  • Review and edit relevant files with the convenience of a browser.
  • Supports exporting to Microsoft Office file formats for offline collaboration.
  • Invite and require stakeholders to electronically sign reviewed or approved documents before they can be released into production.

Polarion Reviewer

Support internal, external and project stakeholders to review and comment on project content, and provide electronic signatures and approvals in compliance with regulations.


Who is Polarion Reviewer for ?

  • Partners, Suppliers, Customers
  • Managers who need approval for task completion
  • CFO who needs to approve the financial impact

Polarion Pro

Provide detailed information on development requirements, test results, and track defect repair progress so that developers can use their expertise, while implementing automated processes for routine requirements (such as: version management, association and status reporting) to reduce the management burden of developers.

Who is Polarion Pro for ?

  • Developer
  • Team Members of Development or Technology Operations
  • Contributors working on specific ALM tasks