Simcenter Flotherm

The software tool of choice for heat dissipation analysis of electronic products. R&D personnel can use Simcenter Flotherm to quickly predict possible thermal problems of products at the early stage of product design. R&D personnel can also use Simcenter Flotherm to improve the heat dissipation design of products, which can greatly reduce the time spent on proofing and verifying designs. research and development costs.

Software Features:

1. Through Flotherm’s smart object function, analysis models can be quickly built.

2. Common EE Layout files can be read and converted into Flotherm for PCB modeling.

3. Existing 3D CAD models can also be converted into Flotherm via FloMCAD (add-on module).

4. The built-in rich electronic industry database can shorten the time spent on analysis and setting.

5. Instantly present the grid to be computed without wasting time waiting for the grid to be generated.

6. The Cartesian coordinate grid system is used to make the calculation efficient and stable, and the analysis results are good for reference.

7. The thermal analysis results are presented through post-processing, which is helpful for R&D personnel to identify and improve product thermal problems.

8. The built-in multi-variable analysis and verification function can help developers find the best thermal design direction.

From chip ➔ module ➔ board ➔ system, etc., Flotherm can be used for thermal analysis verification

Application Range:

  • 5G communication chip module
  • 5G Base Station
  • Automotive ADAS
  • Internet of Vehicles Edge and Computing Host
  • LEO satellite