Design and Develop Simulation Software

Simcenter Flotherm

The software tool of choice for heat dissipation analysis of electronic products. R&D personnel can quickly predict possible thermal problems of products through Simcenter Flotherm at the early stage of product design. R&D personnel can also use Simcenter Flotherm to improve the heat dissipation design of products, which can greatly reduce the costs and time spent on proofing and verifying designs.

Design and Develop Simulation Software

Simcenter Flotherm XT

Simcenter Flotherm XT is a set of heat dissipation analysis software that is good at dealing with the complex exterior design of electronic products. Flotherm XT can provide developers to directly import CAD files, and combine with Flotherm's smartpart to quickly model. The grid uses the unique smartcell technology (immersed boundary method, Immersed Boundary), completely retains the complex design appearance of the product and faithfully presents the real physical situation, and can be applied to thermal management planning in the product development stage.

Design and Develop Simulation Software

Simcenter FLOEFD

Embedded in MCAD systems (such as: NX, Solidworks, Creo, Solid Edge, CATIA) thermal analysis software, developers can directly use the model file of the 3D CAD software to simultaneously process the mechanism design and CFD model, and FLOEFD can automatically identify the fluid And solid areas, reduce the time set in the grid and speed up the rate of modeling analysis.

Design and Develop Simulation Software


SmartDO is a smart optimization design system developed by Taiwan Weihao Technology. SmartDO (A Smart Design Optimization System) is a revolutionary software that breaks through the tradition and provides unique computing functions. Linked with well-known CAE software in the industry, and the revolutionary smart design algorithm is world-renowned and applied in various fields and industries.

Virtual Motor Development Platform


JMAG is simulation software for electric device design and development. It accurately models the complex electromagnetic phenomena in a wide range of equipment. Since being released in 1983, JMAG has been used in industries and universities world-wide and has contributed to the development of thousands of products. Continuous communication with our users has made JMAG a world class analysis tool. It is our wish that JMAG continues to grow and develop with its users.