Hyundai-Kia Motor Corporation approves Siemens’ Capital VSTAR for use in production programmes

By Dan Scott • February 2, 2021 • 2 MIN READ

Working with many car manufacturers around the world we recognize that it’s important  to be able to use pre-verified software assets to accelerate program delivery and improve overall quality.

  • Capital VSTAR is approved by HyundaiKia Motor Corporation (HKMC) for use in their vehicles which require HKMC AUTOSAR requirements like CAN, OSEK NM, CANFD, LIN, and UDS on CAN, widely used in Body, Chassis, Electronics, and other domains.
  • The approval enables Capital VSTAR users to bring their existing ECU designs to HKMC and reuse the AUTOSAR based applications with minimal modifications.


  • Capital VSTAR獲得現代汽車公司(HKMC)批准用於其需要HKMC AUTOSAR要求的車輛,如CAN、OSEK NM、CANFD、LIN和UDS on CAN,廣泛應用於車身、底盤、電子等領域。
  • 該批准使得 Capital VSTAR 用戶能夠將他們現有的 ECU 設計帶到 HKMC,並以最少的修改重用於 AUTOSAR 的應用程序中。