Hyundai-Kia Motor Corporation approves Siemens’ Capital VSTAR for use in production programmes

By Dan Scott • February 2, 2021 • 2 MIN READ

Working with many car manufacturers around the world we recognize that it’s important  to be able to use pre-verified software assets to accelerate program delivery and improve overall quality.

  • Capital VSTAR is approved by HyundaiKia Motor Corporation (HKMC) for use in their vehicles which require HKMC AUTOSAR requirements like CAN, OSEK NM, CANFD, LIN, and UDS on CAN, widely used in Body, Chassis, Electronics, and other domains.
  • The approval enables Capital VSTAR users to bring their existing ECU designs to HKMC and reuse the AUTOSAR based applications with minimal modifications.

With Capital VSTAR’s adherence to the AUTOSAR standard and methodology, adopting Capital VSTAR for new customers is a straight forward task. For organizations with non-AUTOSAR applications the Capital product family provides tools to enable a simplified conversion to conform to AUTOSAR standards. 

Designed to optimize re-use and transferability of ECU design assets, AUTOSAR allows automotive engineers and suppliers of ECUs to achieve modularity and scalability of software with standardized interfaces, improving the ability to handle high-complexity designs. Siemens has a long track record of promoting AUTOSAR as the premier open standard for automotive electronics engineering, and we are a longtime premium partner of the AUTOSAR development partnership.

The overall Capital VSTAR offering consists of design tools and embedded software with the capability to scale from small ECUs to advanced multicore homogenous and heterogeneous systems. Product support for functional safety implementation for up to ASIL D use cases and cybersecurity requirements is also available. Capital VSTAR is proven in use in all vehicle domains, active and passive safety, body, infotainment, chassis and powertrain. With emphasis on the high visibility of vehicle electrification Capital VSTAR, with its product specific features, has proven to be very successful in the deployment of electric powertrain ECUs of all kinds.

Siemens also have an experienced service team that can assist with product related needs such as accelerated deployments and custom development.

Tailored for the HKMC supply chain Siemens Digital Industry Software provide offerings for

  • Development and production embedded AUTOSAR products
    • Standard package for HKMC-specific requirements
    • Training and start-up services
    • Competitive, scalable business models for multiple projects
    • Production-proven global partner

With the HKMC acceptance, the major automotive OEM underlines the broad acceptance of the Capital VSTAR solution to secure the success of the words most demanding and prestigious OEMs and Tier1’s.

For further information please contact O Hyung Lee:

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