Siemens Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic

A configuration and design tool that provides a standard process for automotive AUTOSAR development. And support the design and development of each ECU of the vehicle.

In the process of automobile design and development, the degree of electronics is getting higher and higher, and the functions carried by ECU are also complicated and huge. Standardize the functional modules, data exchange file format, software component interface, and verification system required by ECU through the development process of the AUTOSAR standard. This shortens the ECU development time and increases the reuse rate of relevant functional modules.

Capital VSTAR Integrator integrates MCAL, BSW, SWC, RTE comprehensive configuration and design tools.

  • Support AUTOSAR 4.X Classic software platform
  • Support CAN/CAN-FD, LIN, Ethernet, FlexRay vehicle communication protocol matrix import and configuration
  • Support multi-core distributed SWC and BSW to improve ECU operation efficiency
  • Can provide ISO 26262 functional safety modules and verification reports up to ASIL-D Lelve
  • Support the import of DBC, FIBEX, LDF, ODX, DEXT and other documents
  • Support XCP module configuration and A2L document generation
  • Provide related AUTOSAR standard modules of J1939 protocol
  • Support HSM module development

Siemens Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic

A simulation and execution test verification environment for validating automotive embedded designs. Provide simulation, analysis, debugging, calibration, diagnosis, network testing and other functions.

In the development of automobile design, subsystems such as electronics and electrical (E/E) are no longer only applied in a small area in the past, but are now highly integrated into the entire system and continue to grow in terms of functional scope and technical complexity . As a result, verification has become more challenging, and the cost of electronic control units (ECUs) is much higher than before, and can quickly exceed budget. A practical way to deal with this dilemma is to increase the amount of testing by using virtual ECUs during front-loading development, which can detect problems earlier and significantly reduce costs, because the simulation is very accessible and reduces the need for expensive test benches.

As an alternative to real ECU hardware, the environment includes virtual ECUs, enabling software development with only one PC. A virtual ECU is a simulation of an ECU that is used in exactly the same way as a real ECU.

Capital VSTAR Virtualizer is a comprehensive AUTOSAR support and powerful AUTOSAR-aware debugging and analysis tool.

  • Single or multiple virtual ECUs connected via the automotive network.
  • Standard tool interface for testing, diagnostics, calibration and modeling.
  • C/C++ development tools.
  • Stimulation, Non-Intrusive Tracking and Fault Injection.
  • Interactive or automated batch processing modes.
  • Full support for AUTOSAR.
  • Virtual environment for “in the loop” testing.
  • Supports FMI standard.

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